Mr. Bob Marley the Great!

Mr. Bob Marley the Great!

Robert Nesta Marley (Bob Marley) hand painted with Balsamic Vinegar, Bacardi Rum, Red Wine Vinegar, and maple sugar art of John Barge III, JB3. “Artist for the People”.

I had the pleasure of John painting my body live at a hip hop event, on stage while artists performed & it was such an experience. He is a great artist, and such a charismatic individual. His art is to appreciated.

John creates inspirational Works of Art and Visual Art Media for the Global Community of Art Lovers and Novice alike. A native of Virginia, John known as a Portrait Artist and blends the strong elements Illustration to the Visual Fine Art in his Works with the striking visual Realism (Renaissance Style of Realism, with use of Edible Elements of Food in a Post-Abstract Expressionism John in creates portraits of art of human subjects (figurative style), still-life subjects, and incorporating his new style of Abstract Expressionistic style with the use of vivid color using a varied number of mediums. The favorite among clientele are the Portraits of Art in the Prisma-Color Pencil Medium (Berol Brand). John was a former Visual Arts and Film Teacher (K-12th grades). He considers himself as an Artist for the People, with inspirational works of art that draw people to a socio-economic and social-ethnic change. He holds several Visual Arts Director positions with a varied number of American non-profits, he travels extensively around the globe shooting Documentary Films with a strong Visual Communication and Field Photography for Animal Wildlife and a varied subject matter.


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